Guardianship / Conservatorship
Scarborough McNeese Oelke & Kilkenny, PC

Guardianship and/or conservatorship are occasionally required to ensure that continuing care is available and provided for persons of all ages who are unable to physically care for their person (guardianship) or their assets (conservatorship). Whether we are representing individual clients with incapacitated or financially incapable family members or representing a bank or trust company appointed as conservator for the protected person, we assist the client by preparing and filing all required court documents, notices, annual accountings, guardian's reports and other documents required in Oregon protective proceedings.

As necessary, we refer guardians to appropriate professionals within the community for the placement and caregiving needs of the protected person. Upon termination of the protective proceedings, we assist the client with all aspects of closure, including the transfer of conservatorship assets to the proper person or entity.